Who we are

Dear musicians, dear friends,

This letter isn’t just a presentation of the new season of KLKNewMusic of which I am a director, but a message of thanks for all those who had participated in the events from 2013 till nowadays.

The Year of 2017 presents as another year rich of events from February to December.
It will be the fifth year of our activity – the journey initiated as a big challenge that brought me and my collaborators to the really unthinkable results.

There are more than 200 composers from every part of the world – from Australia to Europe, from USA to China, that have participated as finalists of the Competitions organized by KLKNewMusic.
We have received the letters of thanks and appreciating for organizing and high level of the scores performed and recorded in the public concerts.
All this is testified with videos present on our youtube channel and video of the winning scores on the website www.klknewmusic.com.
In that regard I would like to point out the partnership with Aldebaran Editions (situated in Brescia, Italy) that from the 2016 has curated the publications of CD and the winning scores of various Competitions that took place during the past year.
For this I would like to thank the artistic director of Aldebaran Editions M° Domenico Clapasson, a great musician and a big friend of mine.

This year, as well as the Composition Competitions dedicated to various organics from chamber ensemble to symphony orchestra, between April and September will restart the Masterclasses relative to Opera Singing, Pianoforte, Composition and Orchestra Conducting.
The Opera Singing section will be enriched then with the International Opera Singing Competition “Arte in Canto” in the last week of August.
Selected participants will have the opportunity from the first round to perform with the orchestra.
The initiative will have as president of jury Zoryana Kushpler, world-renowned mezzo-soprano, who has accepted my invitation, I am honored about, and I want to thank her personally.

Along with my closest collaborators, as Giuseppe Renzetti and Anastasiya Kodola, there are many people i would like to thank: the composers from the Composition Staff I was honoured to work with, from the great composer M° Valentyn Silvestrov for the first edition of Orient/Occident of 2013, Victoria Poleva for competitions related to sacred music, Oleksandr Kozarenko, Bogdana Frolyak, Yuri Laniuk and Paolo Ugoletti, my great friend with whom i will open next year a Masterclass of Composition with two meetings in July and September, and Carlo Guelfi and Zoryana Kushpler for Singing Masterclass in cooperation with the Lviv Symphony Orchestra.

I wish to thank all of Lemberg Sinfonietta orchestra musicians, based in Lviv, the orchestra I founded together with its principal cellist Denys Lytvynenko.
As a manager he had the foresight and the right competence to select some of the best musicians of Ukraine and create a highest level formation also in the international arena.

Finally, I thank the Lviv Philharmonic Society, official KLKnewmusic partners, for the hospitality they receive our chamber and symphonic projects and international competitions, and in particular a warm greeting to the General Director M° Volodymir Syvokhyp, who with great patience and professionality actively collaborates to carry of KLKnewmusic events.

I wish you a wonderful new year 2017 and good Music at all!

Ferdinando Nazzaro

Artistic Director KLKnewmusic