SACRARIUM | Sacred music in our time. | International Composers’ Competition 2017 –4th Edition
City: Lviv (Ukraine)
Sponsored by : Lviv Philharmonic Society
Date: 11 to 15 October 2017

The International Composers’ Competition SACRARIUM was born from the idea to create a project that will work on the meeting of the contemporary music of our time, with the writing of sacred music who combines musical genres associated with a sacred or religious theme.

All composers who wish to participate into the International Composers’ Competition SACRARIUM 2017 must write an original work for mixed chamber choir and string orchestra, associated with a religious theme, or tied to a specific liturgical function or must write a music inspired to elevate our souls to God, even without being embedded in a context of religious practice.

The 4th International Composers’ Competition SACRARIUM 2017 is open to all composers of any age and nationality, who want to share their musical and personal journey, attend seminars and opportunities for discussion, on the sacred art of our time, on the contemporary sacred music and on the figure of the Composer in this Third Millennium. The organization will select 12 composers who will have the opportunity to participate into the International Composers’ Competition SACRARIUM 2017 from 11 to 15 October  in the city of Lviv (Ukraine), inside the Lviv Philhamonia.

The 12 composers’ selected works will be performed in the final concert of the forum by Lviv Symphony Orchestra and Lviv Chamber Choir inside the Roman Catholic church of St. Peter and Paul in Lviv.

The concert will be recorded by a sound engineer with the selected works. A movie director will make a video of the concert.

The International Music Composers’ Competitions is open to a maximun of 12 composers of whatever age or nationality.
Each composer must submit – deadline: 21 September 2017 – a music score choosen in the following categories:
– strings orchestra (8,6,4,4,2);
– vocal octet and strings orchestra;
– soprano and strings orchestra.
The sacred text can be chosen from the Old and New Testament in latin or english.

The work must not exceed 10 minutes.


Victoria Poleva – President

Ferdinando Nazzaro – Member and Artistic Director KLKnewmusic

Yury Laniuk – Member

Domenico Clapasson – Member and Artistic Director Aldebaran Editions



The International Music Composers’ Competition SACRARIUM 2017 will take place from 11 to 15 October 2017 in Lviv (Ukraine) – Address: Tchaikovsky str. 7 (Lviv Philarmonic). All score will be sent by email (only one work for composer), in PDF format, at Each email sent to submit a score shall include: – the score, in A4 format, as a PDF-file, the software used can be Sibelius or Finale software; – a by the composer stating that the submitted work has never before been published, performed in public and/ second PDF-file containing the identity of the composer (name and address, nationality, telephone number, email, website, short CV) and a statement or broadcast before, nor prized in any composer’s competition. Other file format than PDF are not acceptable and will result in the submission being rejected! There is no registration form. The Composition Staff will select 12 composers, from all the application submitted, no later 21 September 2017. Each composer selected for the International Music Composers’ Forum 2017 will be notified by email and must send the instrumental parts no later then 23 September 2017. One prize will be awarded during the International Composers’ Competition Sacrarium 2017. The prize of $700, will be awarded by the Composition Staff.


For all partecipants, selected for The International Music Composers’ Competition SACRARIUM 2017 the tuition fee is: € 690 (euro 690). Euro 200 to be paid no later than 25 September 2017 by Paypal email info@klknewmusic ; Euro 490 payable on 11 October upon arrival at Lviv;

The entry fee include: – participation in all seminars and events organized from October 11 to 15 by KLK NEW MUSIC and Composition Staff of The International Music Composers’ Competition SACRARIUM 2017 inside the music center of Lemberg Sinfonietta ; –  check sound of their works; – final concert, with the 12 works selected and the Lemberg Sinfonietta ; – professional AUDIO / VIDEO recording of the 12 selected works during the final concert;

The entry fee does not include: – accomodation, food and flight.

Administrative secretary for The International Music Composers Competition SACRARIUM 2017 is Ms. Anastasiya Kodola. For any question about the tuition fee and payment method write to Please send a PDF file with your payment check to



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