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1° EDITION KIEV 24-29 September 2013

Orient / Occident 2013 | Visit Composer

Orient / Occident 2013 | Composition Staff

Orient / Occident 2013 | Selected Composers and Program

KLK Kiev 2013 Large

Elis Vesik (Estonia) | String Quartet
Anastasiia Vediakova (Russia) | Mirage for String Quartet
Nahyun Kim
(South Korea) | Iracundia for String Quartet
Valentin Pelish
(Argentina) | Cuadernos XIX for String Trio
Eleonora Esposto
(Italy) | String Quartet
Demetris Efstathiou
(Cyprus) | Regenerations for Piano Trio
Steven Joey Crane
(Usa) | Una goccia piu grande for two Violins
Giuseppe Renzetti
(Italy) | Trio for String Trio
Kristoffer To
(Uk) | String Quartet No.1
Mahdis Golzar Kashani
(Iran) | Faghan for String Quartet
Jeff Borowiec
(Usa) | That just happened for String Quartet
Fabrizio Falaschi
(Italy) | Tempus Effluit for Piano and String Quartet

Orient/Occident 2013 | Program

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